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Good candidate for medical weight loss and ready to get started now?
Great! You can start your membership now. After you check out, you'll be able to schedule your practitioner visit. We'll also send you all of the supplies to get started and get your lab work scheduled. Since prescriptions vary per person, the monthly membership price includes everything but the meds.

Not sure if you're a candidate or still have questions?
Book a complimentary video consultation with a member of our team here.

Best Value

Medical Weight Loss Membership



Every month

Includes everything but the meds

Valid for 12 months

Detailed Nutrition Genetic Test ($265 non-members)

Lumen Metabolism Tracking Device ($299 non-members)

2 Vessel Vitamin Level Home Tests/Month ($360 non-members)

Blood Pressure Cuff, Pulse Ox, FitScale ($155 non-members)

Lab Work for Medications ($250 non-members)

Hyper-Personalized AI Tailored Weight Loss Plans

Initial Physician Consultation ($100 non-members)

Quarterly Follow-Up Physician Visits ($250 non-members)

1:1 Weekly Nurse Check-Ins ($720 non-members)

1:1 Monthly Accountability Coaching ($840 non-members)

Phentermine, Semaglutide, or Tirzepatide (price based on Rx)

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