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Vessel empowers you with personalized insights to look and feel your best. Take the guesswork out of your health. Vessel tests across 15 health metrics, from nutrition and hydration to toxin and stress levels to help you feel, look and perform better.



Choose your personalized nutrition plan and get food delivered to your doorstep within hours.



Then, we use your test results to deliver custom supplement recommendations. Vessel fuel puts that formula into a daily capsule, custom-made to your body.



Stay hydrated and reduce stress. No more guessing games about how much water to drink. Vessel tells you what your body needs and how to get it.



Build an action plan, stick to it...and start performing at your best. Day after day.

Vessel Vitamin Level Test (4 Pack)

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  • We search the scientific and medical literature for the most updated research on the levels found in urine along with what is considered a normal range. We then design our assays to match this normal range and extend it to cover reported abnormal readings. Once the assay is designed, we conduct extensive testing with synthetic samples covering all the expected ranges as well as in multiple real bathrooms covering a wide set of lighting conditions. We then perform a statistical analysis and specify the buckets so that there is a 95% chance of the results falling within one, this way we can assure that we can distinguish between normal and deficient levels.

    Multiple factors affect the number of buckets that we can “extract” of each chemistry. This includes the efficiency of the chemical reactions involved as well as the color that the assay yields. Some colors are easier to detect than others.

    We are always improving our tests, raising better antibodies, experimenting with new chemical reactions, and implementing new assay technologies to expand the number of buckets that we can offer.

  • We look at the results of each test and the related scientific studies on how to improve those results. We then utilize machine learning and algorithms to identify the right foods, supplements, stress-relieving activities, and even the amount of water you need to drink to get hydrated. It's a combination of science and software that delivers your personalized recommendations. All related science studies are linked to right in the app for your reference.

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