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Recommended for Weight Loss and Nutrition Planning


Our Nutrition Genetic Test will help you discover 43 genetic traits related to your diet, eating behaviors, nutritional needs and more. The genes in our DNA help control virtually every aspect of our nutrition, from how we feel when we eat, to how we process and metabolize the nutrients and vitamins we consume.


This Test Will Help You Discover:

  • Optimal diet type and eating habits for weight loss
  • Nutritional needs for 15 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Predispositions for metabolic health and food reactions


Take A Look At A Sample Nutrition Genetic Report

Nutrition Genetic Test

  • Nutrition DNA tests involve analyzing your DNA to find out how your body responds to different foods. For example, one of your friends may easily absorb Vitamin C, but you may need to consume more of it to meet your daily requirement. This will be different for each person based on your genetic variation.

    Each person will have genetic variants that cause different reactions to foods that they eat. If you understand your genetic variant, then you will know what you need to eat or do to maintain a healthy diet. After you take one of the consumer genetic tests, then you can figure out how you need to change your eating habits after seeing your test results.

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