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medical weight loss.

Lose up to 20% of your body weight in 1 year

Phentermine, Ozempic, and Mounjaro

Guided by your personal health team of a doctor, nurse, and coach

Combined with the power of  AI to build a custom, comprehensive weight loss program most likely to lead to your success - because it's tailored to your genes 

Plus, complimentary:

$99 your first month then $139 per month. Excludes cost of meds and labs
Fitness Wear

online weight loss. where you are.

No in-office appointments needed. 

Online consultations, follow-ups, and coaching sessions.

Means a comprehensive medical weight loss program tailored to you

 Using your weight journey, goals, medical history, genetics - even your personality style

 Guided by online visits with your health team and updated instantly based on your progress

led by:
board certified doctors

Our board certified medical doctors assess your eligibility, develop your program with your dedicated personal health team, and oversee your progress. You'll meet with them virtually regularly throughout your program.

guided by:
dedicated health team

Made up of the physician, nurse, dietitian, and other coaches. A compassionate care team developing your program, guiding you through, and helping you reach your goals.


designed by:
the power
of AI

Take the guesswork out of weight loss. Your health team uses the help of AI to design a program with your best chance of success. That's because it combines your medical history, assessment and goals to tailor a program based on your genes.

how it

Complete our online weight loss assessment to get started. It only takes a few minutes. This helps us find the right medication for you and customize a weight loss program that fits your needs.

tell us about yourself.

Within 1-2 days our doctors review your assessment for an initial recommendation. You'll get a notification to book your 1-on-1 video consultation with the doctor.  Together you'll go through your assessment, weight goals, medical history, and final medication recommendation.  *Risk-free membership: In the event our doctors determine you are not a candidate for medical weight loss, we'll refund your first month's membership* You'll also have your first visit with your healthcare team, including your nurse and nutrition or fitness coach. At this meeting they'll learn more about your goals, interests, and any additional information like genetic test results, lifestyle and more. Your healthcare team combines this information and the information from your physician consultation into our AI algorithm to create your in-depth, fully-customized medical weight loss program. Our deep-dive analysis means that AI can design a protocol that is the most likely to lead to your long term success. It's overseen by our dedicated and compassionate care team guiding you every step of the way.

meet your team.

We'll ship everything you need right to your door, including: -Medication and administration supplies -Blood pressure cuff -Pulse oximeter -Nutrition genetic test -Lumen metabolism tracking device -Vessel vitamin level test

get your shipment.

That's it! You're on your way to weight loss. From here, you'll be able to schedule regular 1-on-1 online sessions and check-ins with your health team. (This isn't required, but we believe it's the best way to ensure you meet your goals and maintain them long term.) They'll work with you to ensure you're progressing and update your plan regularly based on your progress and goals.

start losing weight.


A once-daily pill
  • Ideal for losing 5-10% body weight

  • Works by suppressing the appetite

  • Ideal for short-term use (6 months)


A weekly home self-injection pen
  • Ideal for losing 9-15% body weight

  • Works as an appetite suppressant, by mimicking a natural hormone (GLP-1) that signals to your body you've eaten, making you feel full

  • Can be used continually for up to one year



A weekly home self-injection
  • Ideal for losing up to 20% body weight

  • Works by reducing appetite and increasing the body's insulin sensitivity. This causes cells to take up glucose from the bloodstream faster than normal, which reduces overall caloric intake as well as fat storage in the body

  • Can be used for up to one year



enhance your

the medical team.

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