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online medical weight loss.

hyper-personalized. tailored to your genetics.

Lose up to 20% body weight in one year. Live life at your body's peak.

Phentermine, Ozempic, and Mounjaro with a premd. membership

1:1 health team of medical experts and human performance coaches

Hyper-personalized insights with wellness tests, assessments, and tech

In-depth AI weight loss plans tailored to get your best results

Your program membership also comes with free:

Our in-depth nutrigenetic (sometimes called nutrigenomic) test looks at your genes to see how your body reacts to different foods and nutrients. You'll get a detailed report showing you things like how you process and react to different foods, how quickly you burn calories, and how your body uses vitamins and minerals. We use this information to help create a hyper-personalized nutrition program tailored specifically to your body. Whether your goal is to lose weight or perform at your peak, you'll know what you need to eat - or avoid - to help your body get there... and stay there.

Nutrigenetic test ($265 for non-members) 

Lumen metabolism tracking device ($299 for non-members)

Program membership pricing:

premd. Membership: $99 your first month, then $145 monthly
Medical Weight Loss: premd. membership + cost of meds and labs
Fitness Wear

Weekly at-home Vessel vitamin level tests ($180 for non-members)

Vital + biometric monitors: Blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, smart scale 

Members-only pricing on other premd. products, tests, and programs

start with: an online program to meet you where you are.

Whether you're just getting started on your health journey or you want to perform at your body's peak, premd. has the hyper-personalized program for you. 

No in-office appointments 

Online consultations, follow-ups, and coaching sessions

Get your reports to your inbox and your products to your door

With simple at-home wellness tests, meds, enhancements and add-ons delivered straight to you

then: level up.

It all starts with a premd. membership. Then, pick the level up that fits your goals. 

You'll always get the premd. membership benefits

Enjoy members-only pricing across the board, no matter which level up you choose, including on:

Dozens of at-home lab tests | genetic tests | at-home vitamin injections |

Normatec products | equipment

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medical weight loss program.

Nutrition Genetic Test

Lumen Metabolism Tracker

Monthly Vessel Vitamin Tests

Virtual physician visits and follow-ups

Monthly 1:1 clinician appointments

Monthly 1:1 accountability coaching

Hyper-personalized AI weight loss plans

Exclusive program pricing on meds

Outdoor Fitness

premd.PEAK body program.

Fitness Genetic Test

Tier 1 At-Home Lab Test

Lumen Metabolism Tracker

Monthly Vessel Vitamin Tests

Hyper-personalized AI peak performance plans

Exclusive program pricing on at-home lab and wellness testing

take the first steps.

Complete our online weight loss assessment to get started. It only takes a few minutes. This helps us find the right medication for you and customize a weight loss program that fits your needs. If your assessment results show that you'll likely be a candidate for medical weight loss, you'll be able to start your membership subscription right away. If your assesment shows you may not be a candidate for one of our medical weight loss prescriptions, you are still able to join the premd Peak Body program and receive all the benefits of our hyper-personalized weight loss program without the meds. If you still think you may be a candidate for a medical weight loss prescription, we welcome you to schedule a 1-on-1 virtual assessment with with a premd clinician.

tell us about yourself.

become a member

Immediately after completing your "Get Started" assessment, you'll get an initial candidacy result. If your result shows you'll likely be a good candidate for one of our medical weight loss prescriptions, you'll be directed to the checkout page to start your premd membership. You'll also be able to add on any additional accessories or tests you want to include in your program to increase its personalization (with a discounted member rate). This is a great time to add additional tests, like fitness