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our philosophy.

meds are a great jump-start.
but we're here for lifelong success.

You probably found us while searching for weight loss medications. You've probably also looked at medical weight loss providers until your eyes bled. And then you've probably ended up just as frustrated as we were when we tried Googling it, too.


If you're like us, we're guessing you had thoughts like these when you were going down the online medical weight loss provider rabbit hole.

Will I actually find out if i qualify at the end of this infinite questionnaire?

What does"nutritional coaching" even mean? Because this seems like a filler benefit I'll never use. 

Please not another never-ending questionnaire.

I should really invest in a pair of blue-light glasses.

None of these benefits listed actually feel like useful benefits. 

Who do I call at this hour to find out if we have a familial history of MEN2?

Why is it so hard to find pricing on these sites? 

Found it! OH.That's why only celebrities are doing this. 

Wait, this one is actually reasonably priced. Oh wait, bait and switch. I've already signed up for the membership?! cancelcancelcanel!

And, we think, the most important thought:

Am I going to spend all of this money just to gain all the weight back as soon as I stop taking these meds?


Because, let's be honest, most big online medical weight loss companies aren't really looking to help you in the long term. Or hey, maybe they are, but their programs generally include the same dated one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and lifestyle management that is only successful for a small number. 

At the heart of it, at premd. we believe you should know every detail about how your body works. There have been too many innovations in personal health tech to be stuck in the dark about your health, or to have to keep trying the same dated methods and programs for weight loss over and over. If the fad diets worked, we'd all still fit in our "for when I'm skinny again" jeans we've kept stashed in the back of our closets for the last 10 years. And don't even get us started on the state of the US food system. Unfortunately, we can't do much about that. So instead we're on a mission to give you all the tools you need to learn how your body can get to - and stay at - it's best. 


Pop Quiz: Quick - do you know your blood type off the top of your head? That one got us, but; if it was too easy for you then how about this one: what's your cortisol level today? Better yet, what even is that and how does it relate to weight loss (or lack thereof). Final question: Do you know how quickly your body metabolizes carbs?


If you could answer all three of those you're probably a) already a member (we also love a low-key site browse - make sure you check for new blog posts, products, and updates) or b) live in the wellness optimization space 24/7 like us and we are absolutely here for it.

If you didn't know the answers, we think you deserve to. And that's what our program is really here to provide. That's why we include literally thousands of dollars worth of today's most innovative and in-depth health tech, wellness testing, and lab testing in our membership. And it's why we've pulled in AI - so that we can analyze thousands of your unique data-points to instantly compile and update a program made just for you, based on you. It's even designed to identify where you may struggle in order to catch it before it happens. We're not here for ambiguous "nutritional coaching." We're here for results. 


So yes, we offer medical prescriptions for weight loss. And we think they're hugely beneficial in getting you going and kick-starting a larger weight loss program. But you shouldn't feel scared that your weight will bounce back up once you stop your program. You should feel empowered and confident that you have the tools you need and that you know enough about how your body works that you'll be able to maintain lifelong success long after your premd. program ends.

It's simple, really: 


We're sick of medical gate-keeping. We're sick of confusion. And we're sick of a one-size-fits-all system.

We're here for access. We're here for innovation. We're here for true long-term health.

If you're here for that, too - then come join us. 

We love this journey for you.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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